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Connect with the MN Home Network today and we can match you with a Vivint Home Security Specialist in your area with a 20% DISCOUNT for mentioning this article. Visit us at to submit your request or call us at 651 788 6378. Visit us on Facebook and let us know if you found the article helpful and useful in choosing whether or not to set up a home security system. Connect with the MN Home Network today!Article Source:http://EzineArticles. com/expert/Margaret Sullivan/2291395A:Being secure is not just a matter of installing the best home security equipment in your home. If you want to be safe, you must consider the following:Be careful keep doors and windows locked when you’re not around or when you are sleeping; make sure your front and back yards do not suffer from neglect. Overgrown bushes or hedges could serve as the perfect hiding spot for intruders; know your neighbors; don’t leave spare keys lying around in obvious placesKnow how to operate your security system Installing a home security system is just step one. Read the manual or ask the installer to give you a quick walk through of how to operate the system. The wireless security systems of 20 years ago were notoriously unreliable. They produced so many false alarms that many homeowners stopped using them. That’s all changed.

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The company provides some false alarm protection features and has flexible options for customers who move while under contract.

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Even if you are only leaving your home for a short time, the habit of locking all entries is one that can save you from the horrible experience of a break in.

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The motion lights included with many security systems will provide another powerful deterrent.

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