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Whereas robbers enter a situation knowing that threat and/or violence will be involved, burglars seldom intend a confrontation with their victims and generally do not act violently. Learn more about the differences between burglary and robbery. I really appreciate all the info about burglaries. Knowledge is power, as they say. However there’s one thing you might change. You mention “forcible rape. ” Just to streamline and to make sure people don’t misunderstand your stance, you might remove the unnecessary word “forcible,” from the sentence. If it’s a term used in various laws, I understand why it was written that way, but the layperson will understand without “forcible,” in the phrase and it won’t take people out of their reading, thinking, “Wait, forcible?Yeah, because there’s another kind… If it’s not forcible it’s not rape. Well that was superfluous. ” Just a thought!That’s where I saw your mistake. You list the total number of crimes in the city as the rate per 100,000 people.

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The statistics can show you where burglars have made progress and give a reliable indicator for what a burglar looks for when targeting a home.

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Successful burglaries can cost homeowners a great deal of money.

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